Tip Goal King Plus
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Short Description:

Tip goal king app with hashtags, command goal changing, and total tip tracking.

Full Description

Tip Goal King +


  • The top tipper will be given a crown, a custom title and highlight in chat.

  • The top tipper will optionally be announced on a timer in chat.

  • You can set hashtags or any kind of extended description to be staticy included in the summery after the current tip goal.

  • The total tip amount for the current show will be displayed

  • Commands:

  • !sendtesttip (amount) [sender] - Allows you to send a fake tip to be counted toward the current goal.

  • !changegoal (new goal amount) (new goal description) - Allows you to dynamically change the current tip goal.

  • !sethashtags (new hashtags) - Allows you to dynamically change the hashtags. Leave blank to clear.

  • !enable & !disable - Enable or disable your tip goal.

  • Recent Changes

  • Offline users tips will no longer count towards king

  • 6/24/18
  • Made it so you can enable or disable your tip goal by command

  • 6/19/18
  • Made it so it says "Goal Reached" when its reached.

  • Added a command to dynamically change hashtags

  • You will no longer become the tip king by using the test tip command.

  • Will now remember tip amounts and add them together.

  • An announcement is now made when someone becomes the new king.
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